Arts & Crafts Experiences

Discover ancient techniques, historical well preserved design and fine arts heritage with trips that combine hands on activities with a luxury traditional approach.

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Pottery Workshop and Mekong Eden Farm

On the other side of the Mekong River in Luang Prabang, Ban Chan village has been specialized in pottery since the 18th century. These days, Mr. Haeny and his wife are trying to rehabilitate this traditional craft and know-how. During the cruise back to Royal City, you will stop at Mekong Eden Farm, a charming hidden garden in the forest. You will be greeted by Om, a young Laotian, biologist of formation and passionate of plants and agriculture. He cultivates an organic vegetable garden and sensitizes a community of villagers around good practices in organic farming but also eco-tourism.

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Secrets Behind Water Puppetry in Hanoi

Get ready for an immersive experience in Hanoi with an introduction to water puppetry, a traditional North Vietnam art form that dates back to the 11th century. You will have the chance to step into the home of a passionate puppet maker and performer, take a tour of the workshop where shelf after shelf is lined with wooden puppet parts, get entertained by a half-hour performance in his house. Learn about the folklore and legends and the significance of the performance itself. After the show, join the puppeteers and learn basic techniques of using bamboo rods to move the puppets through the water.

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Ancient Town and Lantern Making

Between the 15th and 19th centuries, Hoi An, known then as ‘Faifo’, was a prosperous trading port. Nowadays, this World Heritage ancient town is recognized for its well-preserved ancient houses, pedestrian streets, local cuisine, and crafts. You will be invited to take part in a hands-on silk lantern workshop, the simple yet colorful handicraft that is an essential part of Hoi An culture. The lanterns are meant to bring good fortune. Have a chat with a local handicraftsman for a brief introduction to the history, shape, and color of the lanterns as well as the stages of production.

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Puppet Master and Khlong Experience

Thai puppetry, known as hun lakhon lek, is an ancient art form similar to Japanese buruku puppetry. Each puppet, usually just under a meter long, is controlled by three people with a rope and pulley system, which help make the puppet look as if it is gracefully dancing on stage. You will have the chance to spend an exciting day learning the art of Thai puppetry by a master who once performed for Siamese Kings. The cruise to the pupper master’s home will bring you along the elegant Chao Phraya River by a slow motorboat to Thonburion route.

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